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Celebration of Wood, Vancouver 1982

Celebration of Wood, Vancouver 1981
Cartwright Street Gallery Vancouver B.C. The Extra-Ordinary Craft Show

Two of my harps were displayed at a gallery in 1984. One was the first lap harp that I had made and the other the current model that I had made. I was always amused by the write-up that appeared in their program.

No matter the impact of each piece, profound as it may be, an art show is about spacial relationships. All the pieces in this show are to be viewed in that context. Regard, in concert, the perfect craftsmanship of Roger Muma's utilitarian musical pieces with the principles of Jungian dreams inherent in the fired pieces of John Pickering. Conditionally the two seem diametrically at odds. Yet even as the harps are utilitarian they are inscribed with symbolic calligraphy depicting the Celtic griffon struggling to free itself. It is at this level that the questions art? craft? become tautologous.

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